Friday, 14 October 2016

Next meeting Tuesday 18 October

Hi Everyone,

At the last meeting members requested that we get down to basic editing of a video. So, on Tuesday, after we've seen all of your videos,  we'll hold an editing workshop where everybody works on the same project.

I will give everybody a folder with 18 clips I shot last year at Eagle Farm Markets, so everyone will do the same. We'll all help each other with the project.

It'll be a real Videographers' Workshop, So please bring your computers and editing software, whatever it is you use.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Next Meeting Tuesday 4 October 11.00am at the Library

Hi Members and welcome to  U3A Term 4, the last for this year. We hope you'll have a few videos to show us of functions and challenges over the last few months.

The main topic for the meeting will be audio levels. We've all seen videos where sections are too loud, others too soft and you end up constantly adjusting the volume of your TV or monitor. 

We'll discuss what the audio levels should be and how to set them for best results. We'll briefly discuss Audio Limiters and what their function is.


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Today was the last meeting of Term 3. Unless told otherwise, I will enrol you again for Term 4.

I was very impressed with the quality of your work presented this morning. You guys captured the Brisbane Port Facility very well. The videos were inventive, well produced and edited with appropriate music and some very funny segments.

The main topic was using motion backgrounds for both titling and special effects.

The challenge for the next meeting is to produce a 1-2 min video using one or more of the motion backgrounds on the folder I handed out this morning. Or better still, create your own motion backgrounds. Use it on a fancy title or as a PIP (Picture in Picture clips.

Roy passed on a folder with over a thousand sound effects. I tried to copy them onto members memory sticks but we ran out of time to pass them on to everyone. If you missed out, please bring along your laptop at the next meeting and yon can copy them that way which is much faster than onto a memory stick,

The next Meeting is in Term 4 on Tuesday 4 October 11.00am at the Logan North Library.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Next Meeting Tuesday 6 September 11.00am

Hi members,

Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a few 1-2 minute videos of our recent visit to the Port of Brisbane. I am looking forward to see those.

The main topic on Tuesday is the use of moving backgrounds for titling and special effects in video productions.
Bring along a memory stick. I will be handing out a folder with a number of background loops you can use in your videos.

I will give some demonstrations of how background loops can be used in titling and video in general.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Next Meeting - Tuesday 16 August - 10.00AM

Hi Members,

We'll be visiting the Port of Brisbane on Tuesday 16 August at 10.00am NOT 11.00am

This will be a great opportunity to capture the activities of an operational port. Hopefully there will be some ships in the port at the time. We'll meet at 10.00am at the Visitors Centre, from where we go up to the top floor both to the viewing area and cafe.

The Port of Brisbane is on Fisherman Island 
Map of the Port Area

We'll meet at the Visitors Centre
View of the Port Area
We will not be allowed to film on the ground floor, only from the Observation Deck on the top floor.

Bird Area
There is a fenced off area for which we'll get the key to enter the enclosure where usually migratory birds settle for visits. 

The lagoon at the Visitors Centre always holds good numbers of waterbirds including Black Swan, Australian Pelican, White Ibis, Royal Spoonbill, Great and Intermediate Egret, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal, and many other well known species. Pink-eared Duck, Buff-banded Rail and Australasian Shoveler have also been seen here. 

The car parking area is a great spot to see and photograph Mangrove Honeyeater, Brown Honeyeater and Rainbow Lorikeets, particularly when the Grevilllea and Bottle-brushes are in flower. Striped Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill, Scaly-breasted and Rainbow Lorikeets, Spangled Drongo, Superb Fairy-wrens also visit the flowering native shrubs in the car park.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Cooking Challenge

The challenge for last week. Members were asked to produce a 1-2 minute cooking video for the class to admire. We can't show all of them but here are a few submissions.

Here is Will's PIZZA KING movie, including blood and bandaids.

Here is Anton's SANDWICH PROJECT movie. I can honestly say, I have never eaten such a masterpiece of a sandwich.

Michael showed us how to cook Chinese Sausage in his movie, CHINESE COOKING DEMONSTRATION, a mouth-watering meal.

Diane who claimed she can't cook, showed us how to poach an egg in her movie, DIANE'S QUICK LUNCH.  Just to prove that she can cook, if only an egg.

Bill devised a quick method to cook a chook in his movie COOKING A CHOOK THE MOVIE. Not recommended in timber dwellings. The kitchen renovations are nearly completed and Diane started talking to him again.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Next Meeting - Tuesday 2 August - 11.00am

Hi Members,

How did you go with the challenge for the week, producing a 1-2 minute cooking video? Hopefully you had some fun coming up with a masterpiece.

So, we'll start admiring them first up on Tuesday.

The main topic will be on the subject Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sound in films and videos, a vast but very important subject in filmmaking.

We'll be discussing how we can enhance our videos drastically by applying sound and sound effects.