Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Today was the last meeting of Term 3. Unless told otherwise, I will enrol you again for Term 4.

I was very impressed with the quality of your work presented this morning. You guys captured the Brisbane Port Facility very well. The videos were inventive, well produced and edited with appropriate music and some very funny segments.

The main topic was using motion backgrounds for both titling and special effects.

The challenge for the next meeting is to produce a 1-2 min video using one or more of the motion backgrounds on the folder I handed out this morning. Or better still, create your own motion backgrounds. Use it on a fancy title or as a PIP (Picture in Picture clips.

Roy passed on a folder with over a thousand sound effects. I tried to copy them onto members memory sticks but we ran out of time to pass them on to everyone. If you missed out, please bring along your laptop at the next meeting and yon can copy them that way which is much faster than onto a memory stick,

The next Meeting is in Term 4 on Tuesday 4 October 11.00am at the Logan North Library.

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