Friday, 5 August 2016

Cooking Challenge

The challenge for last week. Members were asked to produce a 1-2 minute cooking video for the class to admire. We can't show all of them but here are a few submissions.

Here is Will's PIZZA KING movie, including blood and bandaids.

Here is Anton's SANDWICH PROJECT movie. I can honestly say, I have never eaten such a masterpiece of a sandwich.

Michael showed us how to cook Chinese Sausage in his movie, CHINESE COOKING DEMONSTRATION, a mouth-watering meal.

Diane who claimed she can't cook, showed us how to poach an egg in her movie, DIANE'S QUICK LUNCH.  Just to prove that she can cook, if only an egg.

Bill devised a quick method to cook a chook in his movie COOKING A CHOOK THE MOVIE. Not recommended in timber dwellings. The kitchen renovations are nearly completed and Diane started talking to him again.

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