Tuesday, 6 October 2015

First MeetingOur first

Hi Everyone,

We had our first meeting this morning. members brought along short videos for us to enjoy.

Then we got down to discuss our first project. With the help of a group of local amateur actors, we're going to shoot a short film PEOPLE LIKE YOU, written by Anjali Warland. It's a play in one act, playing in a restaurant, where a young couple have an argument involving the waiter.

So we're planning to transform our library meeting room (or at least one corner) into a coffee shop.

Our first meeting

Photographs courtesy of Sheila
So, next Tuesday we are having a Tech Run, which means we're going through each scene, setting up camera angles, rehearse the scenes (minus the actors) and generally get everything ready for the proper shoot.

First Production Meeting
So, please can everybody bring along the props we discussed to transform a corner of the meeting room into a cafeteria.

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