Wednesday, 12 August 2015

U3A is starting a Videographers' Workshop Group

We'll discuss equipment
In Term 4, starting on Tuesday 6 October, U3A offers video enthusiasts a chance to meet and share with like minded people on Tuesdays at the Logan North Library. The VIDEOGRAPHERS' WORKSHOP will be a self-help forum. Like any workshop, people can come to work on their own projects, seeking help from others. Or they can work in groups planning, shooting and editing video projects.

Editing software
From time to time, we'll endeavour to work on group projects, involving anyone interested. People will be encouraged to use their own editing software packages presently available on the market. They can do this on their own laptops, or simply gather ideas to work with at home. Occasionally, we'll have guest speakers talking about their projects and ideas.

People will be encouraged to bring along some of their video work to be shared by the group. This will not be a competition and no prizes will be awarded.

And filming techniques
We'll meet between 11.00am and 12.30pm in the meeting room on the first floor.                                            

This workshop is open to members of Brisbane University of the Third Age. To become a member, please visit U3A on line at or phone the Brisbane Office during working hours on Phone:  (07) 3236 3055

If you are interested to join this exciting new group, please contact the tutor BILL BOHLEN by email

Or by phone 0n (07) 3208 3729

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